Dock Registration - Spook the Lake

Becoming a Host Dock

Here is where you register your boat dock!

Participating as a host dock means allowing us to place your dock on the Spook the Lake map for Spookers to trick-or-treat you. 

  • Have two or three people to help you guide boats in/out and hand out candy
  • Use a net with a long handle to keep the boats off your dock.
  • Take a lot of pics and videos to help yourself remember your favorite Spookers so that your can vote for your favorites later at “The AfterSpook” party.
  • Have a few dog treats because dogs need treats, too!
  • Be careful, have fun, and wear your life vests around the water.
  • We have Spook the Lake flags available for purchase to help Spookers find your dock.

ARE YOU A BUSINESS? If you are a business and plan on hosting a dock to help promote your business, we ask that you participate as an EVENT PARTNER. As an event partner, you will be officially recognized as supporting the event. Check the Partner Information box below to receive info. Please do not use our event to promote your business without supporting the charity.

Spook the Lake Dock Smith Lake, Alabama
Spook the Lake Dock - Smith Lake, Alabama
Spook the Lake 2023 Partners
Spook the Lake 2023 Partners

Dock registration is closed! Have fun at 2023 Spook the Lake and we'll see you at the AfterSpook at Trident Marina at 5p-8p.

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