How to Play the Game


The objective of the game is to make as many dock stops as you can to make your best five (5) card hand. Your Players Registration Card shows examples of winning poker hands if you are unfamilier.


1. Each player’s packet consists of a Players Registration Card with a registration number, Waiver (that must be filled out completely and turned in to the committee or at the first dock prior to the beginning of the game), map of all stops and game rules.
2. Purchase as many player’s packets as you wish.
3. First card out at 10 am and final card out by 4 pm.
4. Start at any dock you choose and work in whichever direction you choose.
5. Upon arriving at a dock, show the registration number, located on the back of the player’s registration card, to the dock personnel. Dock personnel will draw a random card and write down the player’s registration number on the back of the card. The card will be passed to the player in the boat. It is the responsibility of the player to scratch off the card and decide if they will play or discard it. DO NOT GET CARDS WET OR THEY WILL BE DIFFICULT TO SCRATCH OFF.
6. Only ONE (1) CARD is to be given out by each dock to each registered player.
7. NO DUPLICATE CARDS WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE PLAYED IN THE FINAL HAND. If you do receive a duplicate card. You must discard the card and forfeit that docks card.
8. If you receive a poker card that reveals “DOOR PRIZE”. Bring that card to the door prize table at Trident between 7 pm and 9 pm to receive your door prize. You must claim your door prize by 9 pm or forfeit the prize.
9. You do not have to make all the stops. Make as many as you feel comfortable with. You need just 5 poker cards to have a full hand.
10. By 4 pm, record your 5 card hand and circle the example suite on the player’s registration card. If you do not want to play your hand and would like to be entered into the “Folded Hand Drawing”, write “FOLD” onto the card and turn it into the folded hand bucket by 6 pm.
11. Winner’s announcements will begin as quickly as we can determine winners.
12. Any disputes will be handled by Poor Man Poker Run Committee. All decisions by Committee will be final.
13. It is NOT A RACE. Be careful, have fun and we’ll see you at Trident Marina by 6 pm.

At the end of the game. Fill out the Player’s Registration Card and Circle the Player’s Suite you are playing. Enclose the 5 played cards (only), along with the Player Registration Card in the zip lock bag provided. Turn in to the poker committee player’s table by 6 pm at Trident Marina. We will make winner announcements as soon as all player hands have been reviewed.

Trident Marina - Crane Hill
Never participated in a poker run? Well, we are here to teach you! Watch the video to learn the basics of participating and what makes Smith Lake’s Poor Man Poker Run different from the rest.  

Playing The Game with Crawdaddy Dave

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