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"Spooking" the Lake!

Since you’re here, you know what Spook the Lake is. Many of you have been spooking with us from the beginning! As always, spooking the lake is FREE thanks to the generosity of our host docks and event partners.

Here is where you sign-up as a Spooker

If you want to Spook, you have to sign up! This is the only way we have to notify the docks of how many people and pets to expect to visit their docks. Please note: The host docks are ALL VOLUNTEERS who go to great lengths to decorate, buy candy, and work the dock during the event! Why do they do this? Because they LOVE the holiday and they LOVE the Spookers!

  • Use the online Spook the Lake map to zoom in to the EXACT location of the host docks.
  •  Be sure to read our Tips for Docks & Spookers page for safety tips and advice.
Spook the Lake 2023 Partners
Spook the Lake 2023 Partners
We share this with the docks so they know how many Spookers to expect.
(Dogs need treats, too!)
Choose all the areas you may visit. (Use numbered map at top of page for reference)
Please read the waiver above.
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