Our Mission

Alabama Lakewide Charities was born out of a desire to support other non-profits in the Lewis Smith Lake area while raising funds to purchase and maintain state-of-the-art search & recovery equipment to stay on Smith Lake. 

Donations come from individuals and businesses from all walks of life that have a vested interest in Smith Lake and its people. 

Our two biggest fundraisers of the year are the Poor Man Poker Run and Spook the Lake. Help us keep these fun events going! People look forward to these events EVERY YEAR!  They bring people to the lake which helps keep the local economy strong. Please consider making a one-time or monthly donation to Alabama Lakewide Charities. Your donations are tax deductable as we are a 501c3 non-profit organization.

The Deep Water Rover Fund – To date, we have raised nearly $60,000 to go toward search and recovery equipment. Once we have reached $120,000, we will purchase the rover and train a team to oversee the machine for Lewis Smith Lake.  The Alabama Lakewide Charities Board will oversee the committee that will be responsible for the rover.  Donate to the Rover Fund.

Supporting Other Local Charities – In addition to the above, Alabama Lakewide Charities has assisted in funding:

  • Local fire and rescue departments
  • Wake the World Smith Lake, Alabama which is an annual event supporting the children of Big Oak Ranch
  • Cast for Kids Smith Lake Park which is a fun day of boating and fishing for children with disabilities.
  • Kids Loving Kids Foundation
  • and others…

ALC Founders/Directors - David Dempsey, Brian Czup, & Jason West
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