Poker Run Registration

2023 Poor Man Poker Run

To play it's $35 per hand. Play as many hands as you wish.

Play in the Poker Run

The 2023 Poor Man Poker Run is set for Saturday, August 5th, 2023. A BIG Thank you to our primary event contributor – WAVELINK! You’ll be hearing a lot about them and their exciting new product soon! In the meantime, check them out here –

We kick off at 10 am. That’s when docks will start handing out cards to registered players. The last cards are given at 4 pm – SHARP.

After the poker run, we all gather at Trident Marina. The after-party starts at 5 pm and runs to 8-9 pm. Here is where you turn in your hand. If you feel you have a good hand, you turn it in at the PLAYERS table. Or, you can choose to fold to enter the folders drawing. If you fold, turn your hand in at the FOLD table. Click here to read the rules.

It takes a bit of time to tally all the winners. While you wait, we will have giveaways, door prizes, auctions you can participate in, music, and food and beverages available at Trident Grille. It’s a time to relax and refresh while mingling with other lake people. A fun end to a fun day!

To play it's $35 per hand. Play as many hands as you wish.

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